Don’t drag yourself through the holidays – feel fabulous instead!

Do you feel like you have no energy to connect with your kids?

Like you are doing a lot of things for them and have no energy to just be with them?

Are you dragging from store to store and activity to activity without any energy left to savor the beauty of the season?

Are you dreading the thought of gaining extra pounds this season, but thinking that you’ll just deal with it come January?

You probably don’t feel like you have the energy or the time to come to this workshop, but it will make your days and your life easier.

Plus, we’ll have fun!

You will learn five tips that you can begin implementing immediately. And none of those tips involve eliminating sugar or any other foods!

Bring ideas of some real-life struggles you personally have related to food and the holiday season and together we’ll brainstorm ways to tackle those with success.

I hope you can join us!

~ Thursday, December 8th ~

~ 7 pm EST via Zoom ~

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