The Genesis Prescription

🌍In the Beginning: God created the world.🌎


In the Beginning:
God created the world.


God created humans alongside water, sun, land, plants, and animals and then, He rested. These elements are the foundations of good health. Our bodies are meant to work in relation to Creation, and each of these elements holds a key to our health. There will never be a time that your body doesn’t require:

Your body will ALWAYS need these things. They are the most simple yet overlooked inputs of good health. Most people are chasing complicated solutions and spending thousands of dollars on experts, tests, and supplements instead of implementing the foundational needs of the body. The Genesis Prescription is designed to immerse you in the essential elements of good health while immersing you in God’s Word. It is an 8-week challenge committing to one foundation, one week at a time. It is perfect for the person just starting their health journey or for the person who has allowed a busy life to derail them from taking care of the basics.

Sometimes we need to slow down and reset our priorities. The Genesis Prescription is simple to implement yet powerful to experience. The Weekly Guides have a daily Scripture verse and short devotional which tie in health, history, and Biblical reference to keep you anchored in the Lord as you honor your holy temple. You are about to learn the amazing way your body works in Relation to Creation. To be in your most whole, most robust health you will always need water, sunshine, nature, real food from plants and animals, calm breath, sleep, and movement. And you will always need The Lord.

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The Genesis Prescription

Monday Evenings: 7-8 pm
April 1 – May 20 (8 meetings)
Maranatha Bible Chapel
Horseheads, NY

$197 – Single Participant
$25 per each additional friend or family member.

Save $50 off the single participant price with the code G-SAVE50 if you register & pay by March 22.